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Running the front end of your business is hard enough. We can help alleviate the stress and time consumption of the back end. Whatever business you’re in, you have to think it, build it, organize it and run it. Bookkeeping is very important in your business. Hiring a professional bookkeeper to maintain your company’s accounts helps assure accuracy, frees up more time for you to run your business and prepares everything needed to file your taxes with your Accountant during Tax season. That’s where Mimosa Tree Bookkeeping comes in….

Mimosa Tree Bookkeeping LLC Based in Cape May, New Jersey

We provide bookkeeping services for small businesses, both locally and virtually. Allowing us to reconcile your bank/credit card accounts, provide financial statements, to do preparation for your company accountant for taxes, send invoices (if needed) and assist with business and tax questions will free up more time for you to grow your business and focus on maintaining the front end of your company.

Mimosa Tree Bookkeeping also offers a Budgeting Ministry for those struggling with their personal finances due to the lack of experience in budgeting their income and living expenses. This is offered at no cost. Instruction given in budgeting, balancing a checkbook and how to save on useless expenses and use that money towards building a savings.

We offer reasonable rates that will be based on your business needs. Most to all contact will be remote, saving you time and money.

Tracey Magill has completed the Accounting/Bookkeeping course at Cape May County Vocational Technical School in December 2020. She has been working part time for and mentored by a well known CPA in Cape May since May 2021. Tracey is trained in QuickBooks Desktop and will be using this program for her business. Mimosa Tree Bookkeeping LLC is registered with the Cape May County Chamber of Commerce and with the Township of Lower.


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